Xtreme Bounce 16ft Trampoline Pads

Xtreme Bounce 16ft Trampoline Pads

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>>>>> Xtreme Bounce 16ft High Quality SAFETY PADS <<<<<

** Suitable for all 16ft circular Trampolines **

Easy Az is the sole provider of Xtreme Trampoline Series - offering you More Bounce For Your Buck - Guaranteed!!!

Please compare specs of other trampolines and accessories for sale to ensure quality and value! Easy Az has worked hard with a reputable manufacturer with 20+ years experience with Trampolines. All our accessories have been carefully thought out, specifically manufactured and designed, to give our Kiwi families hours of Xtreme Fun in the safety of your back yard.

Easy Az prides itself on providing top quality products. Our trampoline pads are UV treated and water resistant. They are specifically designed for NZ weather conditions with extra protection against the hot sun.

Things to look out for when replacing trampoline pads:

1. Thickness of pads (Easy Az pads are 28mm+ thick)

2. Width of pads (Easy az are 30cm+ wide giving more than adequate coverage of the springs)

3. Material of foam (Easy Az uses EPE closed cell foam which outlast cheaper alternatives)

4. Will fit any trampoline with 16ft (4.87m) diameter

5. Other Material used - Easy Az uses triple layer PVC on both sides of the pads. Some others will use "short-cuts" to cut costs and only cover one side with PVC. There are others who will only use PE material (Polyethelene), which is brittle and prone to quick deterioration in the sun.


* 100% Triple Layer PVC used in the outer pad.

* 100% EPE Foam used in the inner pad.

This pad also comes with 6 "slits" to allow Xtreme Bounce Poles to go through. This is useful for Xtreme Bounce or similar trampolines, but will have no effect for other trampoline models.

** Any returns due to product not fitting a non-Easy Az Trampoline is subject to a $20 restock fee **

- 1 Year Warranty

Easy Az proudly offers the largest range of High Quality Trampolines and accessories in New Zealand

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Xtreme Bounce 16ft Trampoline Pads
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