Assembly Instructions




Refer to PARTS LIST for identification of parts.
WARNING: 2 adults in good physical condition are required for the following assembly. Wear proper shoes and maintain balance to prevent a fall. Failure to follow all instructions and warnings exactly may result in serious injury.

1. Lay out all trampoline parts in groups (just like picture).    

2. Begin by attaching two leg extensions to assemble one “W” shape leg
with rail screws.

3. To assemble top rail, attach all the top rails using the top rail screws to fasten then together.

4. Continue until you from a large circle. Joining the last link may require two or more adults in good physical condition. With a second person holding the opposite end, bring both sides of the circle firmly together and make them secured.

5. Attach the "W" leg assembly to the top frame. This is the KEY step: top rail B (short one, without welded tubes) must be placed firmly inside the "W" leg assembly, that's very important (just like picture).
6. Attach the leg assemblies making all secured.
7. Attach the "W' leg to the top frame and secure with rail screws.

8. Now the frame assembly is complete.



DANGER: 2 adults may be required to complete placement of all aprings as illustrated in STEP13. Springs will create high levels of tension when assembled. Please use extreme caution not to pinch your fingers.

9. With stitching portion facing down, lay jumping mat inside frame and attach a spring into one of the triangle rings on the mat. Then attach spring with ring to frame.
WARNING: Trampoline is under heavy tension, more effort may be required to attach springs to frame. Be careful not to pinch fingers or slip. Serious injury may occur!

10. Repeat this step directly across from where you attached first spring. Then attach two more springs half distance between the first two, directly across from each other.

11. Use spring tool as shown.

12. Springs under heavy tension may require adjacent springs to be attached every four or five holes, making the springs tension averagely distributed.

13. Attach remaining springs until all springs are placed on frame securedly.

14. Lay blue frame cover on outer edge so springs are covered-just like a shower cap.

15. Tie all black straps to top rail of frame. Do not tie to springs.

16. That's it! Your trampoline is complete!

To disassemble repeat steps 1.16 in reverse.

If you need to download this trampoline assembly instruction, please click Trampoline Instruction.